Disney Cruise Line Bans E-Cigarettes

Recently, Disney Cruise Line announced that they are not only banning tobacco cigarettes on ALL of their cruise ships, they are banning e-cigarettes as well.

Why ban e-cigarettes?

Well, according to a spokesperson at Disney Cruise Line, they are basing their decision on customer feedback. A large majority of guest responded to their on-going surveys and the majority of their passengers do not want smoking of any kind aboard the company’s ships.

As far as Disney is concerned – it’s just business – their customers come first.

This is a great opportunity for e-cigarette smokers to give their feedback. Let’s educate non-smokers on the benefits of e-cigarettes. For one, e-cigs are odorless unlike tobacco cigarettes. In reality, when you’re in the presence of an e-smoker, you’re in a smoke-free environment.

Anyway, Disney is not the only cruise line that may consider banning e-cigarettes. Royal Caribbean, Cunard’s Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria have joined the bandwagon for banning cigarette.

Want to whip out your e-cigarette on a cruise ship anyway? You’ll be in for a major surprise. Many cruise ships will be issuing hefty penalties for failing to abide by their strict guidelines.

As a matter of fact, Royal Caribbean will be issuing a $250 fine to anyone who violates their smoking rule.

So, if you’re planning on stepping aboard your favorite cruise ship, make sure you find out whether or not they allow e-cigarettes.

If they say ‘no’, file your grievance. The more people that file complaints against banning e-cigarettes the better.

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