CVS Ditches Tobacco Cigarettes

In our previous blog posts, we wrote about the unfairness of the recent ecigarette ban in New York City, Chicago and other states. The recent announcement of CVS ditching tobacco cigarettes and other tobacco related products is proof that when one door closes, another door of opportunity opens.

Will CVS Sell Start Selling Ecigarettes?

Ecigarette makers are considering CVS’s decision to stop selling cigarettes a great opportunity to market their ecig products to the retail giant. Ecigarettes are an excellent alternative because it doesn’t have all of the harmful toxins that traditional cigarettes contain. Plus, it has helped many cigarette smokers quit smoking.

So, the question still remains, will CVS start selling ecigs? Not until the FDA steps up to the plate and delivers a ‘new guidance’. The store basically wants full proof that ecigarettes don’t contain the toxic effects of cigarettes. However, the FDA keeps stalling on the evidence. To date, neither the FDA nor the CDC have discovered clear cut health risks from smoking ecigarettes.

CVS Makes the Right Decision

At Puf Cigs, we applaud CVS for making the decision to pull tobacco products from their shelves. Hopefully, they will consider selling a safer alternative, such as ecigarette products.

Experts claim that banning cigarettes from their inventory will cost the company approximately $2 billion in tobacco sales annually, but it is well worth the loss, according to CVS. They claim that getting rid of tobacco products will help prevent tobacco related diseases and even reduce the increasing cost of health care in the United States.

What are your thoughts concerning the cigarette ban at CVS and the possibility of them selling ecigarettes? We want to hear from you. We invite you to join in on the conversation on the Puf Cigs Facebook page at:

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