Cigarette Smoking and Wrinkles

It is not an old wives’ tale that smoking can cause wrinkles. I’m sure you’ve seen wrinkles formed around the lips among smokers. The heat from the tips of the cigarettes and the repeated pursing of your lips while smoking a cigarette can lead to wrinkles. However, smoking can have an overall effect on your health as well. Nicotine contracts the skin’s blood vessels. Those contracted blood vessels make it a challenge for the blood to transport vitamin A and oxygen to the surface of the skin.

Many of the cigarette chemicals are fatal to proteins in the skin, elastin and collagen namely. Ultimately, the skin of the smoker can become less supple, and wrinkles and sags appear earlier than normal. But after an individual quits the smoking habit, the quality of their skin can show much improvement in a matter of weeks. However, several wrinkles may be permanent from smoking, but the overall improvement in skin health can cause those pesky wrinkles to be less conspicuous.

It’s incredible how changes in your skin can occur after a few years of smoking cigarettes. The longer you smoke and the more cigarettes you smoke, the more wrinkling of the skin you will probably have. And keep in mind that early skin damage from smoking cigarettes is usually difficult to see.

Smoking doesn’t only create wrinkles on your face, as demonstrated in the wrinkles you see on the inner arms of most smokers. Thus, if you need another reason to entice you to quit smoking, then you can add untimely wrinkles to your to-do list.

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