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The truth and lies behind the electronic cigarette industry brought to you by Puf Cigs. Important news announcements about the facts regarding e-cigs.

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Electronic Cigarettes Reduce Tobacco Cravings

A new study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health has revealed that the use of electronic cigarettes can reduce tobacco cravings. Researchers at KU Leven followed 48 smokers who did...


Answers to Common E-Cig Questions

Electronic cigarettes are on the consistent rise, so much that we received a lot of questions about electronic cigarettes. We chose the most commonly asked questions and answered them to the best of our...

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9 Facts of Tobacco Cigs and Some May Be New to You

Fact #1: Cigarettes actually contain sugar, but this vital information is not made known to the public. Diabetics who smoke cigarettes can be at great risk due to that sugar content.

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Most everyone is in agreement that smoking tobacco products can be bad for your health and the environment.  But the new question on everyone’s lips is, “Are electronic cigarettes safe?” Here are some facts...

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Myths & Facts About Lung Cancer

There are many myths about lung cancer these days that it’s hard to discern what’s true. Here are the most common myths about lung cancer.

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Facts Every Parent Should Know About Adolescent Smoking

Here are twelve facts that EVERY parent should know about adolescent smoking – Fact #1: 1.5 Million packs of cigarettes are bought for minors every year. Fact #2: Approximately 20 percent of teens consider...