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Controversial Drug Test – If You Smoke or Vape, You May Lose Your Job

The headline for this article says it all, and it is truly absurd. Starting next year, Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, Maryland will require all potential employees – nurses, surgeons, security guards –...


USFDA Spends $270 Million on E-Cig Research Projects

The United States Food and Drug Administration is finally fundingĀ electronic cigarette research projects to determine the risks of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular and every day, Americans become hooked on the...

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Our Supreme Court Justices are Tech-Illiterate

As electronic cigarettes grow in popularity, it won’t be long before these battery operated devices are debated in front of the Supreme Court. When that day comes, the Supreme Court Justices will have to...

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E-Cigs Will Save You Money

There are many reasons why smokers have switched over to electronic cigarettes and chief among them are for health and finance. Electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices that heat a liquid solution which creates...

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E-Cigarettes and Celebrities

Did you know there’s a Pinterest board dedicated to electronic cigarettes and celebrities? Well, now you do! This particular board currently has 59 pins and 1,499 followers. This board will likely gain more followers

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Heats Tobacco at 660 Degrees?!

Imagine holding a device thats heats up to 660 degrees. Would you still be holding it? We don’t think so. Philip Morris International Inc, the makers of Marlboro cigarettes, have a new device that...

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E-Cigs vs Tobacco Cigs

Smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes is bad for your health because of the tar, smoke, and ash. But do you also know that tobacco smoke is bad for the environment as well? After you read...

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Tobacco Bond Holders Beware!

In 2012, Americans purchased 14.1 billion packs of tobacco cigarettes and 200,000 equivalent packs of electronic cigarettes. In 2013, Americans purchased 13.3 billion packs of cigarettes and 400,000 equivalent packs of electronic cigarettes. This...

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E-Cigs Have Evolved To E-Joints

What an exciting time we live in. Cars are becoming electric, our children’s books are now electronic, and now recreational smokers can get high from an electronic joint.

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Smoking Policies Put to the Test With E-Cigs

There are only three states – North Dakota, New Jersey, and Utah – and about 172 cities and counties that ban the use of electronic cigarettes in workplaces, bars, and restaurants. Some may claim...