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Puf Cigs Signs Method Man Into An Exclusive Partnership

Staten Island, NY – Puf Cigs, Staten Island’s leading electronic cigarette company, announced today that it will enter into an exclusive partnership with Method Man, legendary hip hop artist from the famed Wu-Tang Clan.

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A Doomsday for E-Liquid Shops and Companies

Yesterday, the New York Senate passed Bill-S6939B with 39 ayes, 19 nays, and 3 excused. In ninety days from June 17, 2014, this bill will bring upon doomsday for all companies and shops that...

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The Big Tobacco Is Moving In

We knew this day would come. Big tobacco companies are moving into the neighborhood of electronic cigarettes. Some electronic cigarette companies think this is a wondrous idea because big companies have big money and big...

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The E-Cig Industry Strikes Back

No, this has nothing to do with Star Wars. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and some legislators plan to implement a 75% wholesales tax on electronic cigarettes and related gear. By doing so, the tax...

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FDA Regulation on E-Cigs: Yea or Nay?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is developing product standards for electronic cigarettes and other nicotine delivery systems so that they may gain regulatory authority over them.

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Sharing the Success of E-Cigs

Staten Island Advance’s Tracey Porpora wrote an article about us, Puf Cigs, this morning: From Stock Broker to E-Smoker: Staten Islander Cashing in on E-Cig Craze. A well-written article about the business of Puf...

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Did Japan Tobacco Inc Make the Right Purchase?

Early this morning, Japan Tobacco Inc announced that it has agreed to purchase all outstanding shares of Zandera. Zandera is the parent company of E-Lites, which supposedly is the leading brand of electronic cigarettes in Britain.

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World Vapor Expo Brings Awareness to the Smoking Community

Miami, Florida will be hosting the World Vapor Expo Electronic Cigarette Show for the general public this weekend, June 7-8. Co-founder of the expo, Gordon Gerstein, believes the expo will be beneficial to the...

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New e-cig companies are popping up all the time.  We believe that Puf Cigs is the best electronic cigarette on the market and here is why.

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Most everyone is in agreement that smoking tobacco products can be bad for your health and the environment.  But the new question on everyone’s lips is, “Are electronic cigarettes safe?” Here are some facts...