Can Vaping E-Cigarettes Really Help You to Quit Smoking?

For many critics, the belief that vaping e-cigarettes helps people quit smoking tobacco is just a lie. This simply isn’t the case. At Puf Cigs, we received responses from many of our customers about how they quit smoking tobacco thanks to our e-cigarettes. So, the saying ‘Once you smoke an e-cig, you never go back’ is true for many people. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did a study and they discovered that 21 percent of adult smokers use e-cigarettes. That’s a major jump from 10 percent back in 2010. They also found that approximately 6 percent of adults have tried e-cigarettes. These numbers will continue to increase over time.

Are E-Cigarettes Better for Your Health? As mentioned in our previous posts, e-cigarettes doesn’t contain the cancer causing chemicals of a traditional cigarette. A few of these known chemicals include tar, benzene, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and over 4,000 more dangerous chemicals. All you have to do is ask people who are currently using e-cigarettes. Many people have stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes after smoking for 10, 15 and even 20 years. Some of our customers have similar stories.

What’s the Future for e-Cigs? The future looks very bright. More people will be giving up traditional cigarette smoking for electronic smoking. For one, it’s much healthier than tobacco cigarettes, and a lot tastier. There will more than likely be new flavors introduced to the market. You will also see more people smoking e-cigs due to the government’s tobacco tax hikes. Even without the tax hike, you save more money when you smoke e-cigarettes because it lasts longer. Since e-cigarettes aren’t currently regulated by the government, don’t be surprised if you start seeing more of your fellow e-smokers at your favorite restaurants, movie theaters, and other public places. To receive discounts and the latest news about Puf Cigs, sign up for our Newsletter.

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