3 Tips You Don’t Want to Miss with Electronic Cigarettes

With the recent ban of cigarette smoking in parks, sidewalks and other public areas, more people are compelled to buy electronic cigarettes than ever before. You’ll find that puffing on e-cigarettes are slightly different than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Here are a few helpful tips on how use electronic cigarettes.

Tip #1: Obviously, in order to vape an electronic cigarette, you’ll need to buy electronic cigarettes. At Puf Cigs, we have an array of flavored electronic cigarettes ranging from Espresso Shot to Menthol Ice. Unlike traditional cigarettes,  e-cigs are tobacco-free (with nicotine) that last up to 900 puffs per cigarette. Plus, our e-cigs come in a variety of quantities ranging from 5-60 e-cigarettes. The days of wasting money on single packs and cartons of cigarettes will become a distant memory.

Tip #2: Depending on what brand you are using, you’ll need to eventually charge up your electronic cigarette. When a disposable cartomizer is used up, you’ll notice a difference in taste. That means the vapor is not discharging – this is a sign that it’s time to change the battery. Our electronic cigarettes contain a lithium-ion disposable battery. It has a ‘time switch’ that will automatically turn off to avoid overheating. So, you’ll be alerted when your battery is getting low.

Tip #3: Take a puff and inhale like you normally would with a traditional cigarette. It may take a few tries for you to get the hang of vaping an e-cig. Once you get used of it, you’ll become a pro. When you vape one of our e-cigs, you get a delicious burst of flavor and nicotine, minus the ash, smoke and tar you get from traditional cigarettes. Yeah, you won’t have to carry around an ashtray. Once you buy electronic cigarettes, you won’t want to go back to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you read the manufacturers warning before you get started. Puffing on an e-cigarette the right way will ensure the best results possible.

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