Study Find Benefits of E-Cigs May Outweigh Harms

photoScientists, the women and men that used facts and evidence to prove that the Earth wasn’t flat and that the Earth is not the center of the solar system, assert that replacing analog cigarettes with electronic ones could reduce smoking-related deaths. Though it is unclear the long-term effects of electronic cigarettes, it is certain that e-cigarettes have potential benefits in the short-term. The Addiction Journal recently published a study that was partially funded by the United States National Institutes of Health, and the study revealed the following:

1. The vapor produced by e-cigarettes is not harmful to users or bystanders, compared to cigarette smoke.

2. Nicotine in cigarettes is only an addictive agent; it does not kill people.

3. There is no evidence to support arguments that electronic cigarettes are a gateway to smoking analog cigarettes.

4. If there are any risks, these will very likely be less dangerous than the current risks of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

5. Electronic cigarettes have enabled some users to quit smoking or reduce consumption.

The standard ingredients in electronic cigarettes are vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring, and nicotine. These ingredients are in other FDA-approved products, but have not been approved for e-cigarettes. Propylene glycol is found in beer and salad dressings and vegetable glycerin is found in protein bars and nicotine helps with long term memory preservation. The publication of this study promises a brighter future for the electronic cigarette industry as smokers will finally have a smarter alternative.

Think of this way: among the three liquids -water, regular soda, and diet soda- regular soda tastes better than water (at least for most people), but regular soda has too many calories and sugar. So people drink diet soda instead, a “lower risk” beverage. Drinking water would ideal, but not everyone likes the flavorless liquid. Would you allow lawmakers to ban diet soda and force everyone to drink water? We think not.

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