BAT’s Boss Believes E-Cigs Is a Part of the Tobacco Industry

Courtesy of BAT

Courtesy of BAT

The popularity of electronic cigarettes are steadily increasing as analog cigarette smokers are beginning to turn toward the battery-powered devices. Electronic cigarettes are cheaper than analog cigarettes and e-cigs have better taste and smell compared to analog cigs. It’s a win-win situation, so who would say no? The big guy. British American Tobacco PLC Chief Executive, Nicandro Durante said, “It’s not a category that’s taking the whole tobacco industry by storm. The products (electronic cigarettes), at the moment, aren’t delivering what people expect.” The British American Tobacco is the No. 2 international tobacco company behind Philip Morris International, so given that reputation it would be wise to heed the words of this man, or not? Though Mr. Durante exudes a relatively cool attitude toward electronic cigarettes, he does admit this, “We believe it’s a category that can grow and become an important part of the business. I wouldn’t invest tens of millions of pounds if I didn’t believe.”

Mr. Durante consistently refers to electronic cigarettes as a category within the tobacco industry. We at Puf Cigs, on the other hand, don’t agree and we’re confident our peers within the electronic cigarette industry would disagree on Mr. Durante’s statement. The electronic industry is not trying to become a part of the tobacco industry. That’s just a bad PR (public relations) move given the negative image associated with tobacco and its affiliates. The dangers of smoking analog cigarettes is well known to nearly everyone. Heart disease, lung cancer, and increased risk of stroke are few of many health complications that come with smoking analog cigarettes. And it may not be known to many, but the financial cost for health insurance and life insurance for smokers is the four digit range, minimum.

The e-cig industry has been promoting its vaping products as a smarter alternative to analog cigarettes. We at Puf Cigs would appreciate if Mr. Durante did not categorize electronic cigarettes within the tobacco industry because our products are made to draw smokers away from analog cigarettes and towards electronic cigarettes.



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