Ban on Vaping in Manhattan Beach Starts Soon

No VapingLast month, the Manhattan Beach City Council voted to adopt Ordinance 14-0008, the prohibition of smoking in public places and regulating electronic cigarettes. This ordinance will amend existing smoking regulations to include a citywide smoking prohibition in public places and to regulate electronic cigarettes. Manhattan Beach’s existing smoking ban included the beaches, the pier, the parks, city operated buildings, and the Veterans Parkway. The ordinance will extend the ban to include all public places and will ban the use of electronic cigarettes the same traditional cigarettes.

Basically, you cannot smoke or vape anywhere except for the following locations:

1. private residential property, other than those used as child-care or health-care facility within New York State’s licensing requirements.

2. in up to 20% of guest rooms in any hotel or motel that meets certain requirements.

3. within a moving vehicle.

The Smoke-Free Public Places ordinance becomes effective on July 18, but will not be enforced until August 18. Until then, the city will conduct a public outreach campaign.

We at Puf Cigs are appalled that vaping is being associated with smoking. Vapor, unlike smoke, dissipates seconds after being exhaled. And most importantly, the vapor does not leave behind any residual smell. Where’s our freedom to vape?

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