Are Electronic Cigarettes the Solution to Quitting?

Anyone with an addiction to tobacco cigarettes can relate to the difficulty of kicking the habit. There are countless gums, patches, gadgets, prescriptions and gizmos that claim to help you quit smoking forever. While these all may seem fine and dandy, cigarette smoking is a nasty habit that is challenging to overcome. Some smokers have tried at least five times to quit and after a few days, weeks, months or even years go by and something triggers that “need” for nicotine.

When stressful moments happen, a cigarette does calm your nerves. New products like e-cigarettes may be a better solution to quitting because they deliver a dose of nicotine that smokers crave and they simulate the oral fixation much the same way as tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes “look,” “act” and “feel” like a real cigarette, thereby offering smokers the same feeling, but electronic cigarettes have little to none of the harmful chemicals associated with tobacco products.


Let’s take Puf Cigs electronic cigarettes to use as an example. With over 900 puffs per cigarette, these e-cigarettes are a better alternative to regular cigarettes. In addition, there are different flavors which give smokers some variety, and that’s something many “quit smoking” products do not have. If you ever tried nicotine gum, you would know that after a while it tastes rubber. And the patches are known to cause bad dreams among some (not all) users. Essentially, it is up to every individual to find the best solution to quit smoking for good. Being driven to do it and actually putting a plan in place is easier said than done, especially when those “triggers” occur that makes a smoker want to reach for a cigarette. Some smoking triggers might include:


  • Coffee breaks
  • After dinner
  • Before bed
  • In the car on the way to or from work
  • During mid-morning habits
  • When you first get up in the morning
  • While doing a favorite activity (watching a show, reading the paper, etc.)
  • Or during social activities, especially when alcohol is consumed


It’s indisputable that it takes a lot of willpower to quit smoking, but it can be done! A Puf Cigs will come handy during any “prime” craving times. Electronic cigarettes can cut down on the urge and help some people to quit smoking altogether.

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