Most everyone is in agreement that smoking tobacco products can be bad for your health and the environment.  But the new question on everyone’s lips is, “Are electronic cigarettes safe?”

Here are some facts about tobacco products vs. vapor cigarettes.  Read them and tell us what you think – Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

  1. According to Natural News* Tobacco cigarette filters are made of cellulose acetate tow, a plastic that when heated, can deliver more harmful contaminates to a smoker than the thousands of toxins delivered by the burning tobacco.  Cellulose Acetate Tow cannot be recycled and can take decades to degrade so the thousands of cigarette butts littering our streets, parks and beaches will remain there for years to come. Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices filled with water, propylene glycol, flavoring and varying degrees of nicotine (some contain no nicotine) in a plastic tube.  When drawn upon, the vapor is sucked into the mouth until the liquid is dissipated or the battery dies out.  The batteries from e-cigs are recyclable
  2. Tobacco cigarettes are known to contain 11,000 contaminants which are proven to cause lung disease, cancer and other deadly or debilitating diseases. An electronic cigarette contains 9 contaminants, many of which are found in products we use every day.  Of the 9, only nicotine is known to create health risks to the user but according to an article published in * –  authors of a study published in CHEST Magazine stated, “it is possible that if the e-cigarette were used as a short-term bridge to smoking cessation, the benefits might outweigh the risks.”
  3. Smoke from tobacco cigarettes negatively impacts the air in the form of pollutants and other toxic compounds emitted from both burning and exhaling the product.  These pollutants smell bad, leave a residue and can be harmful to both the smoker and the by-stander. A vapor cigarette emits an odorless water vapor that dissipates quickly and does not leave a residue.
  4. According to the US Fire Administration, 1000 smokers and non smokers are killed each year in fires caused by tobacco cigarettes. A vapor cigarette is battery operated. It does require a match.

What do you think – “Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?”

* News

Chest magazine article:

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