Airports That Now Allow You to Smoke E-Cigs Indoors

It is true that passengers are barred from the use of e-cigarettes on airline flights, but several airports permit their passengers to smoke electronic cigarettes inside airport terminals.

At the present time, battery-powered electronic cigarettes which deliver nicotine and generate a vapor without odor, misfire within the regulation of what tobacco and cigarettes are stipulated by the USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration). According to reports, the FDA plans to propose rules for electronic cigarettes which will encompass the whole nation; that includes how they can be sold in the marketplace and what age people will be allowed to purchase these devices. However, for now, it is up to private businesses and states to stipulate their own policies.

Many cities in California have already increased their definition of tobacco to entail e-cigarettes. However, this is still a gray area for countless men and women. State and local laws stipulate how airports can oversee the use of electronic cigarettes indoors, according to the ACI, or Airports Council International.

LaGuardia International and JFK International airports in New York both forbid and permit electronic cigarette use; if it is permitted, it depends on which airport terminal a patron is standing. However, the truth is the unrelenting electronic cigarette industry assures that this product is an alternative to tobacco cigarettes that is low-risk and don’t produce secondhand smoke, or fatal toxins to those individuals surrounding the smoker.

According to CDC, or Centers for Disease Control, the electronic cigarette industry has been increasing rapidly since its advent. Double from the number in 2010, one in five smokers attempted to use electronic cigarettes in 2011. Many researchers are making a study on how e-cigarettes are different from traditional tobacco products. They have discovered that e-cigarettes may even enable users to quit entirely. However, to prove or disprove the safety of e-cigarettes, there hasn’t been sufficient evidence.

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