Staying Ahead All The Time

After more than five years of a virtually unregulated market, the United States Food and Drug Administration wants to bring electronic cigarettes and its related products under federal authority due to the rising concerns of possible health risks. But in order to factually determine the risk of electronic cigarettes, the FDA will have to spend $270 million on research projects revolving electronic cigarettes. States across the nation have taken matters into their own hands as many have implemented bans on electronic cigarette sales to anyone under eighteen. However, the e-cigarette business continues to grow despite bans and repeated attacks by opponents against the battery operated device.

The electronic cigarette industry is growing in sales and is projected to make $2 billion. In addition, “vape bars” and vapor stores have begun to open across the nation. Vape bars are sort of like a regular bar, except instead of alcohol (though some vape bars may also serve booze), they sell vaporizers, metal pen-shaped battery operated devices, and juice, flavored liquid that upon the user’s choice can contain nicotine. And some vape bars, without government involvement, have regulated themselves. Lisa Ciarlone, founder of Vaporetti, refuses entry to anyone without a valid ID that shows he or she is over the age of eighteen. For anyone unfamiliar with a vaporizer, these devices are similar to electronic cigarettes except vape users are allowed to fill their vaporize with a desired juice while e-cig users must buy pre-filled cartridges. Vape users have a greater freedom over flavor and nicotine strength whereas e-cig users do not. Vapor stores, such as LitecigUSA, sell all assortments of vaping products. And some stores just like some vape bars, also regulate themselves by refusing to sell their products to anyone under the age of eighteen.

Despite the FDA’s late involvement and the government’s snail pace legislative process, many owners within the electronic cigarette industry have taken matters into their own hands by refusing to sell vaping products to anyone under the age of eighteen, by being as transparent as possible with their products, and by not asserting any health claims without proper evidence.

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