The Advantage of E-Juice

Smokers and vapers, you know you love your electronic juices or e-juices as we’ve shortened the term. From dessert flavors to fruit flavors to even obscure flavors, e-juices have given smokers a better alternative. Why smoke tobacco or menthol and deal with the horrific odor, the clumps of ash, and the disgusting after-taste, not to mention the well-known health complications associated with analog cigarettes, when you can enjoy coconut pineapple, pumpkin spice, or even fruit punch and smell something pleasant for a change and use a product that’s far less harmful? Though the results of long-term studies on electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers have yet to reveal themselves, it has been noted from a short-term study that electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers have been proven beneficial as a smarter alternative for smokers. And what makes the vaping devices beneficial are the e-juices contained within them.

Here are the key advantages to e-juice:

1. Nicotine strength – A vaper can choose his or her preference of nicotine strength buying e-juices. The strengths can vary from zero milligrams to twenty-four milligrams. The advantage to choosing nicotine strength is primarily for smokers. A smoker can reduce his or her nicotine dependency at a comfortable pace. There’s no need to go cold turkey or cope with an undesirable amount of nicotine strength.

2. Cost -Cost is dependent upon one’s habits, but its undisputed that smoking is more expensive than vaping.  Smokers living in New York City tend to spend about forty dollars a week on analog cigarettes. On the other hand, vapers will likely spend anywhere from fifteen to thirty dollars a week on e-juice. Vapers save money to buy other things.

3. Choice – Analog cigarettes are extremely limited to either tobacco flavor or menthol flavor. End of discussion. However, e-juices have no limitations as the vaping market is flooded with thousands of flavors and thousands upon thousands of crazy names such as Dew Me, The White Girl, and Bent Willy. If you ever wanted to try coconut chocolate lime margarita, you’re actually sure to find this obscure combination somewhere on the electronic juice market! You don’t have to conform to limited choices. You can have anything you want.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran to e-juices or a newcomer looking to ditch the analog cigarette and begin something tasteful, check out our new line of e-juices. Filled with funny names and awesome flavors. 

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