‘Minor’ Caught with an E-Cig and More?

Here’s a headline that caught our attention today, “Wauconda police reports: Minor caught with e-cigarette, and more.” Well this is rather troubling. A minor somehow got his or her hands on an electronic cigarette and among other things. This is indeed troubling because we at Puf Cigs disapprove of minors using electronic cigarettes. We had to read on, to learn more about what transpired, and we were taken aback. First off, four arrest were made: one 19-year-old Wauconda man, one 20-year-old Hoffman Estates man, and two Hoffman Estates juveniles whose ages were not mentioned in the police report. The police report was unclear whether there was a correlation among the arrests, but it is certain that the 19-year-old was arrested for speeding and driving on a suspended license. The 20-year-old was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, identity theft, possession of cannabis and paraphernalia, and possession of alcohol as a minor. The two juveniles were charged with possession of cannabis and paraphernalia. One of the two was charged with possession of an electronic cigarette.

Hold on a second. Among all that transpired, a minor with an electronic cigarette is more of a newsworthy headline than a 20-year-old that committed identity theft, possession of a stolen vehicle, and possession of illegal drugs? While we at Puf are against minors possessing electronic cigarettes, it’s not rocket science to note that the crimes committed by that 20-year-old are simply more dangerous. Let’s be real here, a minor possessing an electronic cigarette is as dangerous as a minor with a can of soda. The minor with the e-cig will vape and the minor with the soda will drink. The acts will not harm anyone. Only, the minor vaping an e-cig will probably feel relaxed and the minor drinking soda will probably get a sugar rush and bounce off walls.

The Chicago Tribune needs to come up with better headlines or actually report on newsworthy stories. We would like to hear more about the 20-year-old man. Whose stolen car did he have in his possession? And whose identity did he steal? These are important questions to ask because these directly affect the lives of others. A minor with an electronic cigarette does not directly affect anyone, though it will probably sadden someone. Like us, for example.

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