Abortion, Parasailing, and Electronic Cigarettes

rickscottmugWe thought we would never find abortion, parasailing, and electronic cigarettes in the same article, but the time has arrived. Florida Governor Rick Scott signed ninety-five bills into law on Friday, June 13th. The state of Florida is looking to further restrict abortions, regulate the parasailing industry, and keep electronic cigarettes out of the hands of minors. SB 224 is the bill which bans the sales of electronic cigarettes to minors. The ban is similar to the bans on sales of traditional tobacco cigarette and other tobacco products. As an electronic cigarette company and as parents, we are proud of the fight to keep electronic cigarettes out of kids’ hands. We strongly believe that electronic cigarettes will help any traditional cigarette user to stop smoking and to start vaping, which is why we strongly support the fight to keep e-cigs out of kids’ hands. There is no need for a child to vape an e-cig since by law, a minor should not have access to traditional cigarettes. The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation will have a hearing on Wednesday at 2:30PM to discuss the advertising of e-cigs and the ways it may appeal to minors.

Supporters of electronic cigarettes have states that e-cigs allow users to inhale vaporized nicotine without all the health risks of smoking traditional cigarettes. On the other hand, critics warn that e-cigs are a gateway drug to traditional cigarettes. We at Puf Cigs respectfully call rubbish on the critics claim. Would you rather have the smell of a cup of fresh brewed coffee on your clothes or have the smell of ash and smoke? Would you rather vape Vanilla Cream or smoke Tobacco? In many cases, the clear winner is electronic cigarettes. Anyone that vapes electronic cigarettes and would consider to try traditional cigarettes, let us tell you something: Don’t. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Mike Catoggio, was a heavy smoker for more than two decades. After he discovered e-cigs, he said that he would never go back to traditional cigarettes. There is no stench of smoke on his clothes, so his children actually don’t mind hugging him. He is an avid Mango Madness user. His breath smells like mangos and his wife enjoys that very much.

Image Courtesy of Tallahassee Democrat 

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