A Doomsday for E-Liquid Shops and Companies

e-juiceYesterday, the New York Senate passed Bill-S6939B with 39 ayes, 19 nays, and 3 excused. In ninety days from June 17, 2014, this bill will bring upon doomsday for all companies and shops that sell e-liquids within the New York State. What the hell is S6939B?

This bill is called ‘An act to amend the general business law, in relation to prohibiting the provisions of any quantity of an electronic liquid.’ The bill states “Any entity that sells, offers to sell, or gives away any quantity of electronic liquids will be subject to a penalty of no more than $500.00 per violation.” Basically, all shops and many companies that sell e-liquids are going to experience some difficult times. But it’s all for the better. Within the context of this new law, it states that the Commissioner of Health has the power to exempt any registered in-state manufacturers of e-liquids from the ban.

The State of New York will control what goes into e-liquids and ensure that no harmful chemical be thrown into the mixture of e-liquids. This will protect consumers of e-liquids as they will know what is in the e-liquid and it will ensure that any entity looking to sell e-liquids are registered manufacturers with standards and guidelines to proper crafting of e-liquids.

Of course, there is always a dark side to everything. On the other hand, this law may ruin business for all shops and companies that sell e-liquids. And by putting so many small players out of business, this allows the big players, like the tobacco companies, to come in and swoop up the potential profits. Who else has the money and connections to become a registered manufacturer of e-liquids in the state of New York?

What are your thoughts on this new law? Will it serve the people or the company?

Interested in the context of the bill? Read more about Bill-S6939B.

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