9 Facts of Tobacco Cigs and Some May Be New to You

Tobacco CigaretteFact #1: Cigarettes actually contain sugar, but this vital information is not made known to the public. Diabetics who smoke cigarettes can be at great risk due to that sugar content.

Fact #2: Smoking causes horrible oral hygiene. Smoking will stain your teeth and give it a yellowish hue which can be very unattractive. And your breath will smell like smoke or worse, tar. Actually, both smell really bad. This is why more and more people are ditching tobacco smoking to smoking e-cigarettes from Puf Cigs. E-cigarettes will not cause bad breath and it won’t stain your teeth.

Fact #3: Second-hand smokers are exposed to around 50 chemicals that actually cause cancer. Recently, experts have found that third-hand smokers are at risk to being exposed to various toxins as well.

Fact #4: People who smoke tobacco are highly prone to a variety of diseases, such as strokes, high blood pressure, heart attack, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and even mouth cancer. This not only includes smokers, it also includes those who chew tobacco.

Fact #5: Often times, smoking can be an open door for people to develop other harmful habits, such as drugs and excessive alcohol drinking.

Fact #6: Traditional cigarettes aren’t the only forms of smoking that are dangerous to our health. People who smoke cigars and pipes are also exposed to many dangerous toxins.

Fact #7: According to experts, there is enough nicotine in five cigarettes to cause harm to a smoker’s health.

Fact #8: Smoking tobacco will not only cause harm to your internal health, it can take a major toll on your physical appearance. People who smoke are more likely to develop wrinkles in the face a lot faster than non-smokers.

Fact #9: According to the latest research study, there are more than 1.22 billion tobacco smokers globally. That means that 16.5 percent of the entire population are smoking addicts.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that e-cigarettes were invented in the 1960s? It hasn’t become extremely popular until only 10-12 years ago.

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