3 Reasons Why Quitting Smoking Should Be On Your New Year’s Resolution

New year resolutions are made by those who wish to make a positive change in their lives. Whether this means you want to lose weight, save money or quit smoking, a new year resolution is a commendable thing. Unfortunately, many resolutions go unfilled every year. 

You may have put thought into how you will fulfill your resolution of quit smoking for the New Year. You may have had goals in mind for 2014 which you weren’t able to fulfill so far, but you can take some time to reflect on any progress you have made which will eventually make your goal more feasible.

You don’t want to neglect your achievements and focus merely on whatever it is you didn’t fulfill. Here are three reasons why quitting smoking should be on your New Year’s resolution:

  • You can mark the calendar date to quit smoking. You may be inclined to wait until a particular date stop smoking, but that is not necessary. Whether or not your resolution is to quit smoking on a permanent or temporary basis, you should mark on your calendar the date for a constant reminder of your promise.
  • You want to clean your house. You can plan to get rid of your ashtrays and any smoking paraphernalia to stop smoking; this can help you engage in the body, mind and soul mentality. You can take physical steps to liberate yourself from addiction to nicotine, and achieve control for the New Year.
  • You can tell everybody around you that you intend to quit smoking as your resolution for the New Year. Your goal is to follow through and to show others you are able to achieve your goals.

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