12 Awesome Benefits of Switching to Puf Cigs

cessation ecig stop smokingThe invention of e-cigarettes has given smokers a smarter alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. It is long known that smoking tobacco cigarettes has hundreds of unwanted side effects to your health. It also has a negative effect to your financial well-being. But these innovative electronic cigarettes have changed the game. E-cigs were born so that smokers could still maintain the oral fixation without the known harmful elements. If you’re one of those people who still haven’t tried e-cigarettes, maybe you need some extra incentive to give it a shot. So, Puf Cigs has come up with 12 great reasons that will have you doing cartwheels.


12 Benefits to Electronic Cigarettes

  1. Save a lot of money: Cigarettes average $7 – $10 per pack and in some states they can cost up to $13. That’s a lot of money lost to cigarettes over time. If you’re a pack a day smoker, you could easily burn up to $70 – $100 a week. Compared to E-cigarettes, a single e-cig is equivalent to a pack of regular cigs. So e-cigs last much longer and allows you keep your money where it belongs – in your pocket.
  2. Far less contaminants: A regular cigarette has about 9,000 contaminants and an e-cig has less than 10. When you switch to e-cigs, your body will begin to feel better within as few as 48 hours. After a few weeks, everything from your lungs to your head, chest, heart and other extremities will feel toxin-free.
  3. Improved senses: Your senses suffer when you smoke regular cigarettes. When you switch to vaping, your food will taste better, things will smell better, and your eyesight may improve. It may be like relearning a new sense for some people!
  4. Better hair condition: Smoking dries out and damages your hair, not to mention the smell that sticks to your hair after you smoke. Imagine your hair being more manageable, less frizzy and softer to the touch!
  5. Nicer skin: Smoking dries out your skin, which causes wrinkles and leaves a film on your skin that can never be washed off or drowned out with lotion. When you quit, your skin will improve as the cells can begin to recover.
  6. Renewed energy levels: You’ll feel more like walking, jogging, running and exercising when you’re no longer out of breath and winded from the crud that has filled up in your lungs from prolonged cigarette smoking.
  7. Bright smile: Smoking stains your teeth with tar and can make them appear yellow or brown. Ewww! E-cigs contain NO tar, so you can enjoy having a whiter, brighter smile.
  8. Clean hands and fingernails: If your fingers and hands are stained from smoking, you’ll notice cleaner hands that don’t smell like smoke. This might make you feel like shaking hands, painting your fingernails or showing off your nice hands.
  9. More time: How many things have you missed out on in life because you went outside to smoke a cigarette? From that game-winning touchdown to your child blowing out their birthday candles, you’ll never have to miss another critical event due to craving a cigarette. E-cigs do not require a lighter and releases water vapor.
  10. Public acceptance: Smokers have a stigma in the public eye. People don’t like to be around other people who smell funny and some don’t want to get anywhere near the second-hand smoke. E-cigs don’t smell bad and are generally more acceptable in social settings.
  11. Cleaner living: If your car and house smell like an ash tray, it can cause damage to your automobile and living space. Soot from smoking can make your walls, ceiling and household appear dirty. It’s practically impossible to get rid of the smell in furniture or in cars that have been driven by smokers.
  12. Smoke anywhere, anytime: In the past, you had to wait for a cigarette break or for a time when it was appropriate to go have a cigarette. With e-cigs, you can take a puff anywhere or anytime you get a craving.

There are many more reasons to quit smoking tobacco products and give e-cigs a try. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a favorite flavor and give it a shot!

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