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4.99 for each 5ml sample bottle

Get crazy with yourself and sample ALL of our e-juice flavors! Samples are available in 5 ML bottles. Get a taste of the best e-liquid proudly made right here in The United States Of America.

Pick your Nicotine Level and click the flavors you would like to try. Limit 1 per flavor.

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We know what you're thinking..."Oh great. Another e-liquid brand..." What makes Liquid Puf stand apart from every other e-juice out there is the double amount of sweetener and double amount of flavor in every bottle, at no cost to you! Taste the difference in Liquid Puf. Our sample bottles are 5 ML and have the perfect amount of juice to try. Curious about Tricky Ricky? We're not talking curious like that one glorious evening in college, we're just wondering if you want to try our e-juice. Intrigued by Bent Willy? Well aren't we all, you know what we're saying? Ever wake up and have a case of Hansel & Regretle? Well now you can, with the Liquid Puf Sample Pack!

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