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The Puf Story

How was Puf Cigs founded? 

When I asked Michael Catoggio, the man who gave birth to the idea of Puf Cigs, on how this electronic cigarette company was founded, he gave an unusual answer. Mr. Catoggio, better known as Mike, was a stockbroker for eighteen years and a heavy smoker for over two decades. Within the company he worked for, he managed six employees. His employees took frequent cigarette breaks, which was quite costly for the company. The employees weren't allowed to smoke cigarettes within the building as the smoke would trigger the fire alarms, so they had to leave the building for a cigarette break.

The office was located on the 30th floor, so a single cigarette break per person would cost the company about thirty minutes of time. Mike knew the wasted time due to cigarette breaks was detrimental to productivity. However, he wasn't sure what to do as he understood the crave for nicotine better than anyone else. He smoked nearly four packs a day. He couldn't tell his employees to stop smoking because of the withdrawal effects such as headaches, anxiety, and poor mood.

The answer remained unknown until by chance or perhaps by fate, Mike and his family were walking through a flea market and he came across an electronic cigarette. Filled with curiosity, Mike spoke with the salesperson about the e-cig. On the following Monday, Mike walked into the office with $1,000 worth of e-cigs and distributed them among his employees.

His employees no longer needed to leave the building for a cigarette break because e-cigs released water vapor, not smoke. His employees sat at their desk, vaped away, and worked diligently. Mike was able to satisfy everyone's nicotine craving while maximizing productivity. Everyone was happy. Except for Mike. The e-cigs that he bought were, to say the least, horrible in taste and quality. Mike was at disbelief that people bought poor quality e-cigs. He tried the other brands and still was not satisfied. The e-cigs tasted horrible and the pull was not smooth. As a non-smoker, I was unsure what 'pull was not smooth' meant. According to Mike, a non-smooth pull from a e-cigarette causes coughing and irritation in the throat. With so many things wrong, Mike knew he could come up with better electronic cigarettes. Puf Cigs is that better electronic cigarette.

Interview conducted by Jasper Chang

Mike Cottagio
Founder - Puf cigs